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Sharjah TV Mobile App

August 23, 2021

About the Client

The Sharjah Radio and Television Authority is a government agency concerned with the development and development of the media sector in the Emirate of Sharjah. It came as a natural development for the expansion of television and radio media work since the launch of Sharjah TV on February 11, 1989, and then the establishment of the Sharjah Media Corporation in 2009, to launch the Sharjah Radio and Television Authority in 2009. 2019, and hosts a number of TV channels and radio stations, and the centers are: Sharjah Channel, Sharjah Sports Channel, Al Sharqiya Channel from Kalba, Al Wusta Channel from Al Dhaid, Sharjah Channel 2, Sharjah Radio, Holy Quran Radio from Sharjah, English-speaking Radio Plus 95, Center Sharjah Media Training.

Business Challenge

Sharjah TV faced the need to find a solution to deal with real-time critical issues that pop up during streaming.

As it deemed necessary in the circumstances, Sharjah TV reached out to Timeline to develop an application that would serve as a real-time monitoring tool.

Since Sharjah TV used specialized software and hardware with a list of limitations, the main challenge was to integrate a third-party solution.

Value Delivered

Before kicking off the initial development, our team went through a massive research which enabled them to come up with the solution that met client’s needs. The developed application included such features as:

  • Rack humidity sensors
  • Temperature sensors
  • License expiration triggers
  • Real-time alerts on current issues
  • Ticket generation & management
Picture of the author

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