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Nibras-Dubai Courts

November 5, 2018

About the Client

The Dubai Courts are a Government of Dubai department responsible for the management, administration, hearing and issuing of judicial judgements for the Emirate of Dubai. The department is led by a Director-General who sits at the Dubai Executive Council and reports directly to the Ruler of Dubai.

The Nibras app has been designed to support efforts in reducing the number of clients in government centres by 80% by 2018. The app itself has been enanced with a number of services, including Service Appointment Booking via Q-System, and Attendance Smart Notice Receipt.

Business Challenge

Dubai Courts embarked on an initiative to develop Nibras, an application for court case management that would enable users to apply and track their personal cases to avoid long queues and improve overall experience.

The application aims to assist users in acquiring power-of-attorney docs, accessing court’s database and other essential information. Dubai Courts decided to partner with Timeline to develop an end-to-end software solution to ensure a flawless user experience.

Value Delivered

The team developed and launched a tailored iOS and Android application with smooth interface and exceptional functionality. The delivered app enables users to:

  • Track and view personal cases (number, year, type and case related information)
  • View case listings filtered by chambers
  • Access court database
  • Acquire power-of-attorney documents
  • Enable reminders
  • Generate e-tickets for queues
Picture of the author

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