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mLawyers - Ministry Of Justice

August 23, 2021

About the Client

The Ministry of Justice of the United Arab Emirates was created in 1971, shortly after the federal government was established. The ministry oversees the court system of the United Arab Emirates and any associated prosecutorial services.

Business Challenge

Ministry of Justice needed to enhance their existing lawyer registration service due to its limitations and lack of user-friendliness.

The idea aimed to facilitate lawyer community and enable registering through the phone as envisioned by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s mGovernment initiative.

Timeline hopped on to develop a user-friendly application that would improve user experience.

Value Delivered

The delivered iOS and Android application enables lawyers to

  • Sign up by filling in all essential information (e.g. basic information, academic qualification, etc.)
  • Submit areas of practice
  • Submit case-related information
  • Apply for annual subscription
  • Submit queries directly to MOJ representatives
  • Submit feedback
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