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mJustice – Ministry Of Justice

August 23, 2021

About the Client

The Ministry of Justice of the United Arab Emirates was created in 1971, shortly after the federal government was established. The ministry oversees the court system of the United Arab Emirates and any associated prosecutorial services.

Business Challenge

Ministry of Justice requested to develop an application, mJustice, and a user-friendly CMS which would serve as an e-service tool providing all necessary information to the end users.

The application had to allow users to search for case-related details, calculate fees and conduct surveys to improve the experience.

Ministry of Justice partnered with Timeline to deliver the tailored solution.

Value Delivered

The team delivered an iOS and Android application and a user-friendly CMS system. The delivered app enables to:

  • Track and view personal cases (number, year, type and case related information)
  • Calculate court-related fees
  • Access Emirate-based case listings
  • View judge schedule
  • View the latest updates on legislation and laws
  • View MOJ upcoming events
  • Conduct/take surveys
  • Submit feedback on quality of services
Picture of the author

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